AGRIFOCUS 2021 – A Field Day with a Twist

AGRIFOCUS 2021 is Southern Farming Systems leading technical event for high rainfall zone cropping and pasture systems.  This unique event provides independent solutions for farming businesses.

Traditionally held as a Face to Face event at the Inverleigh Trial Site on the 3rd Wednesday in October.  Where farmers, agronomists/advisors and company representatives can network and show their product research in action.  Southern Farming Systems has yet again had to reinvent the event due to COVID.

This year we are splitting the event into 3 parts:

AgriFocus I, Wednesday 22 September, 8.00-10.00am – Live Stream event focussing on Integrated Weed Management and Herbicides in Crop with keynote speaker Dr Chris Preston, University of Adelaide having a Q&A session with James Manson, SFS. Exploring key pre emergent herbicide learnings from 2021 and Wild Radish issues followed by trial presentations from FMC, Syngenta, BASF and Corteva.

AgriFocus II, Thursday 23 September, 8.00-10.00am – Live Stream event focussing on Integrated Weed Management and Herbicides in Pastures & Crop with keynote speaker David Keetch, Nufarm with Lisa Miller, SFS.  Exploring herbicide options in pasture, lucerne and chicory followed by crop trial presentations from ADAMA and Bayer and finishing up with different pasture products SFS has developed for Meat Livestock Australia.

AgriFocus III, Wednesday 20 October – Currently planned as a Face2Face event focussing on Crop Varieties with key note speaker Dr James Hunt, Latrobe University.  Cam Nicholson, Nicon Rural will demonstrate and discuss the new ‘Lime Assist Calculator’ to enable optimal lime decisions.  Trial presentations around Crop Disease, revisit of the Dirt and Diesel Demo and more…

AgriFocus is open to the public with registrations essential, register here…

Southern Farming Systems is committed to our members and partners in producing an informative and interactive event that celebrates the agricultural industry that has continued to evolve and find better ways to improve our farming systems.

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