Barley seeds

2021 grain season setting the bar high in the HRZ

Consistent warm weather has meant harvest has been kept moving with the odd storm interrupting the flow.  Southern Farming Systems across South West Victoria has been recording fantastic yields in all crop types attributed to a season of rainfall and warmth, at all the right times throughout the growing season.

“Seasons like 2021 really show the true potential of varieties and test our management systems.  They set the bar high in terms of grain yield” said Gina Kreeck, SFS Operations Manager.

“In trial plots we have seen Wheat and Barley yields topping out at nearly 11 t/ha, 6 t/ha for Canola and 9.2 t/ha for Faba Beans” said Gina.

SFS trials focus on the things we can control – variety, seeding, nutrition, herbicides, fungicides and timing of these factors throughout the growing season across several trial sites located in Hamilton, Streatham and Inverleigh regions.

To find out more about these amazing trial results and how they were achieved come along to our Trials Results Day at Willaura on the 22nd March where the trials custodians present their trial results and pull apart the possible interactions between the key management factors in the system.  If you can’t wait until March join up at and receive the express results reports and later in March the full reports available in the annual trials results book, along with many other membership features and events throughout the year.

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