Women on Farms – Best Practice Farm Planning & Farm Tour of Jigsaw Farms

As a woman involved in an agricultural business, you are invited to participate in a Whole Farm Planning Workshop & Farm Tour

On the day:

  • Hear from Mark Wootton on his insights into creating a profitable, highly productive stock and agroforestry operation whilst adhering to environmental guidelines.
  • Farm tour to see some of the successes – please remember to wear warm clothes and waterproof boots.
  • Lunch provided
  • Learn about land classing
  • Workshop what to get right in planning farm layout (planting trees/vegetation, farm subdivision & stock movement, water supply).

 New Participants are WELCOME!

 Jigsaw Farms is a 3000 ha family property run by Mark Wootton and Eve Kantor. It was initially a Potter Farm set up in the 1980’s to demonstrate best practice farm planning. The bits of the puzzle have been incorporating productive livestock, pastures, agroforestry, water storage and more recently carbon farming.

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