Maize Field Walk

Are you currently growing maize for either grain or silage, or interested in growing maize in the future?
If so come along to this maize field day to learn how to grow a high yielding crop.

Monday 20 March 2023
3:00pm to 5:00pm (incl drinks)

“Brookfield” 4873 Frankford Rd, Thirlstane, Tas

• Growing Maize at Thirlstane, current agronomic practices, variety, challenges
• Maize Agronomy – Marcel Labandera (HSR Seeds) and Jason Scott (Pioneer Seeds)
• Fertilising for High Yielding Maize – Scott Palmer (SLTEC)
• WaterCan App – Rowan Eisner (UTAS)

Maize Association of Australia, Liz Mann, email: phone: 0427 857 578
Southern Farming Systems, Jill Lyall, email: phone: 0447 122 783
Nathan Richardson, phone 0418 122 508

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