Hyper Yielding Crops: Tasmania Harvest Results and Awards

Please Note change of Venue

The Supper Room
26 Lyall Street, Westbury, TAS 7303


What did HYC teach us in 2021 and who were the 2021 HYC Award winners for the region?

• HYC Awards – regional winners to be announced at the meeting.
• Climate statistics and yield potential for the region – what did this mean for your crop?
• Feed vs milling wheat – the interaction between genotype, environment and management (GEM) – how did these interactions affect the phenology, biomass, final grain yields and profit?
• Disease – which management strategies performed best in canola and cereal crop canopies and why?
• How hard do we need to push the productivity of our crops with artificial N given the high price of urea?
• How were HYC entry crops benchmarked against each other in the 2021 Awards programme?
• What did we learn from our award winning paddocks – which agronomic benchmarks made these crops higher yielding?

Project lead Nick Poole will be joined by colleagues Dr Kenton Porker, Darcy Warren, Daniel Bosveld (FAR Australia), Jill Lyall & Brett Davey (Southern Farming Systems) and Jon Midwood (Techcrop).

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