GRDC Research Update – Bannockburn


  • Tackling cereal disease challenges head on
    Discover emerging strategies for tackling cereal diseases particularly Septoria and
    stripe rust. Nick provides an overview of the 2023 season and the disease implications
    for 2024.  Nick Poole, FAR Australia
  • Climatic Predictions – Key learnings from 2023 and building climate resilience
    How did the national climate forecast compare to the local season? Dale provides a climatic wrap up for the season and identifies key levers for effectively managing climate risk.
    Dale Grey, Agriculture Victoria
  •  Adopting Innovative Agronomic Practices and Research – A Canadian Experience
    Sheri will bring over 20 years of experience focussing on enhancing the profitability of Canadian crop producers. From a background in agronomic research Sheri also farms
    with her husband Shane near Neerlandia, Alberta. Sheri will compare and contrast their challenges with those faced by Australian growers.
    Sheri Strydhorst, Canadian Agronomist
  • Lime application strategies for pH management
    It’s time to explore topical issues around soil stratification and sampling. Lisa provides insights into what is considered to be best practice and how liming fits within the broader farming system. Lisa Miller, Southern Farming Systems
  • Fact Vs Fiction for slug baiting
    Tackle slugs head on this season by implementing a targeted baiting strategy. Michael provides insights into the impacts of biology and environmental conditions on slug baiting.
    Michael Nash,What Bugs You

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