GRDC Grains Research Update – Campbell Town TAS

The Grange Meeting & Function Centre, 4A Commonwealth Lane, Campbell Town

9.00 am to 1.00 pm followed by lunch (doors open at 8.30 am for a 9.00 am start)


  • Key findings from the Hyper Yielding Crops project, Darcy Warren, FAR Australia. Learn how to push the yield boundaries of wheat and barley this season. Discover the potential of new high yielding cultivars and agronomics tailored to the Tasmanian environment. Kenton provides an executive overview of the key findings from the Hyper Yielding Crops project.
  • Building the foundations for higher canola yield potential Rohan Brill, Brill Ag
    Rohan’s presentation builds the foundations for achieving higher canola yield. Discover how to leverage varietal selection and agronomics to unlock the yield potential of your canola crop this season.
  • Removing yield barriers caused by acidity & preventing subsoil acidification, Lisa Miller, Southern Farming Systems
    Are ‘rule of thumb’ lime applications hitting the mark? Lisa explores the implications of lime applications on long term soil health for the region. Learn how acidity can be potentially limiting higher yields for your crops this season.
  • Making nitrogen applications pay this season,  Wayne Pluske, Equii  With fertiliser prices on the rise, defining the key difference between fertiliser cost and profitability is essential. Calculate the effectiveness of fertiliser applications on a per unit basis. Join Wayne as he places fertiliser profitability under the microscope this season.
  • Pathogen DNA mapping – rotation considerations for effective disease management. Frank Mulcahy, Potato Link  Locking down effective rotations is a key component of disease management. Discover Potato Link how levels of common pathogens varies across break crops. Frank utilises clinical DNA analysis to map pathogens levels across a variety of crop types.

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