AGRIFOCUS 2021 Part III – F2F Wednesday 20th October 2021

AGRIFOCUS III – Face to Face, at the Inverleigh Trial Site, Corner of Brocks Rd & Hamilton Hwy, Inverleigh, 8.30am-1.00pm.

Limited numbers and Pre event Registration required.

Keynote sessions:

Cereal Varieties – Which one is the right fit for my sowing window? James Hunt, La Trobe University

New ‘Lime Assist Calculator’ to enable optimal lime decisions,  Cam Nicholson, Nicon Rural

8 in Field Trial Tours:

  • Influence of nitrogen on canopy management in new wheat varieties –  Ashley Amourgis & Grace Evans SFS
  • Best agronomic practices for RGT Planet barley – David Leah Seed Force with Gina Kreeck & Trent Williamson SFS
  • Validation of new fungicide product Uplift – Shaun Cleary UPL & Audrey Gripper SFS
  • Showcase of Vaderstad disc and tyne seeding equipment – Swayn & McCabe & Landpower
  • Strategic use of plant growth regulators to manage wheat canopies in the HRZ – Jon Midwood Tech Crop & Greta Duff SFS
  • RR and CL variety trials focussed on yield and oil quality and canola nutrition trial comparing standard district practice with a slow-release nitrogen product applied upfront – Trevor Gillespie Cargill
  • Evaluation of winter canola breeding lines – Clinton Rogers Pioneer
  • To evaluate the efficacy and longevity of new and old fungicide options in Faba Beans – James Manson SFS, Alistair Crawford ADAMA, Ian McMaster Bayer & Neville Marra Syngenta


This project is supported by Southern Farming Systems, through funding from the Australian Government’s National, Landcare Program and Grains Research and Development Corporation.

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