Wet Spring 2022

With over 100% soil moisture, flooding and continual rain top ups so late in the season, is throwing curve balls at farmers across the nation.

Alot of issues that have occurred with this unusual season High Rainfall Zone farmers are a custom too.  However, as the rain keeps falling we are all thinking of plans B to Z for our farming system.

Southern Farming Systems thought we would create this blog as a place to share your thoughts on this season issues as we head towards harvest and pull together a few resources from many resources.

To start us off:

Climate Kelpie News

The Fast Break October Climate Newsletter

GRDC’s  Managing Canola Harvest to minimise rain risk.  Check it out here…

#WetCrops19 Workshop – SFS Wet Crops Workshop August 2019 Workshop Presentations Playlist

The Playlist includes:

  • Nurtitional management of wet crops
  • Weed and fungicide management in a wet year
  • Making a decision, Paddock by Paddock,  check out the Decision Wizard
  • Spring sowing options in a wet year

GRDC Grains Research Update Webinars Recordings & Resources

Take the opportunity in the wet to make long term silage check out Scott’s tips here…

Safe Recovery of Bogged Machinery Information Session, SFS Inverleigh Trial Site Resources

GrainGrowers Resources

Please leave a comment below or tell us what info you would like us to source…

If you are on Twitter #WetCrops22 and show us your crops…

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