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To Be or Not To Be, Agricultural Events Online

COVID has certainly turned our worlds upside down forcing organisations like Southern Farming Systems to think outside the square to deliver information to members in many different online mediums, in the forms of online meetings, webinars, video’s and podcasts.  Often leaving event and extension specialists to question is this what the audience really wants or needs?

Certainly the convenience of not driving hours for a meeting or event is noted, we can use that time to do other activities. With online events we are missing the chat with the neighbour that you don’t often see, it mightn’t be the most exciting conversation, but some of the key pieces of information that fulfils us come from these chats.

So how do we recreate this environment online and make it interactive and inclusive?  Is it a case of just getting comfortable with technology? Video on/off, Mute/Unmute, Chat box or is there too many options?  Then their is seeing yourself staring back on the screen.

I would like to hear from you our audience what works well for you in the online environment and what should never go virtual.  Be honest, it is the only way we will know if we are hitting the mark with our reinvented events or missing by miles. Leave us a comment below.

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