Video: TOPSOILS – Robyn Williams at Bengworden

TopSoils member Robyn Williams enjoyed the TopSoils events and farm planning. Currently conducting a demonstration on renovating pasture paddocks, monitoring and grazing management.

Video: TOPSOILS – David Read at Bengworden

TopSoils member David Read has enjoyed the events and webinars.  Trialing multi species crops for grazing, more diversity and feed.  African lovegrass is a hardy, drought-tolerant grass that grows in clumps. It is poor quality feed for livestock and can quickly colonise pastures. Several control methods have been tried by the group.

Video: TOPSOILS – Craig Lloyd at Reedy Flat

TopSoils member Craig Lloyd has done lots of soil testing and identified acidity as an issue constraining his production and TopSoils has assisted in experimenting with different Lime products.

Video: TOPSOILS – Rob Wilson at Tambo Crossing

TopSoils group member Rob Wilson has found the learning process the most valuable from the  TopsSoils program. He has changed management using rotational grazing with smaller paddocks and has a greater understanding of sustainable farming systems.

Video: TOPSOILS – Jen Smith at Tambo Crossing

TopSoils Group member Jen Smith has used the fundamentals of TopSoils of understanding measuring and managing our soils with fellow group members and experts. Giving them the confidence to try new systems and ask the questions.

Video: TOPSOILS – Matt Jenkins at Johnsville

TopSoils member Matt Jenkins has found the knowledge gained through TopSoils has given him the confidence to use a couple of methods to renovate a run down farm and rejuvenate the land.

Video: TOPSOILS – Neil Stringer at Forge Creek

TopSoils group member Neil Stringer runs a family farm, mixed prime lamb and merino enterprise. TopSoils has highlighted the need to explore soil carbon and biology. Through soil testing programs TopSoils explain the science behind the recommendations, that is independent. And doing trials with liming, cultivation and deep rooted perennials to improve pastures.

Video: TOPSOILS – Jenny Trail at Woodglen

TopSoils group member Jenny Trail, Angus cattle enterprise, has learnt how to utilise soil testing and tissue sampling.  Understanding and knowing what the paddock needs. Keeping ground cover and rotational grazing. TopSoils provides access to expertise and broader knowledge.

Video: TOPSOILS – Ken Stuart at Clifton Creek

TopSoils group member Ken Stuart attended most of the TopSoils events, it has encouraged him to experiment with compost, sawdust and manures to feed the soil for better water infiltration.

Video: TOPSOILS – Lou & Rose Maher at Red Gum Plains, Perry Bridge

TopSoils group member Lou & Rose Maher have enjoyed the networking and expertise of the group. Learning to manage the underground livestock in the soil.

Video: TOPSOILS – Emily Richardson at Snowy River

TopSoils group member Emily Richards values the networking opportunities with like minded people TopSoils provides.  They are experimenting with multi species cover crops, mulching and strip tillage of the cash crops, feeding the soil.  TopSoils increases their confidence to experiment with new farming systems.

Video: TOPSOILS – Peter Honey at Orbost

TopSoils group member Peter Honey aim is to have a farm that supports us and the land.  Water is essential for plant growth and having healthy soils that have water holding capacity and nutrient holding capabilities.

Video: TOPSOILS – Vanessa Ingram-Daniel at Marlo Plains

TopSoils group member Vanessa Ingram-Daniels runs a cow calf breeding enterprise that uses rotational grazing systems.  TopSoils has helped her understand the importance of soil tests, how to feed the soils and maintain ground cover.

Video: TOPSOILS – Jo Trevaskis Regenerative Farming at Wairewa

Top Soils group member Jo Trevaskis is a 5th generation farmer at Wairewa, working with her family using regenerative farming practices.  Sharing her experiences and learning journey with the curve balls of fire and drought.

Video: TopSoils Project

The Top Soils project has 5 major delivery partners and focuses on supporting 5 farmer focus groups (geographically located in Gippsland – High Country, Far East, Plains, Foothills, Snowy River).   It is farmers driving their own learning and adopting better soil management practices, supported by in field trials and demonstrations.

Video: Farm Focus – Livestock Containment

Livestock Containment Areas are often associated with drought, but they are useful in any season. Hear from Mark Williams, mixed farmer in the South West of Victoria, discussing his livestock containment area and its’ uses, design and functionality in his farm system.

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This project received funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

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