November 2021

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Russian taxes and global shortage perfectly timed for Aussie wheat farmers this harvest

Global wheat prices have risen substantially over the past year, with Chicago Board of Trade...
Fig 16 Ryegrass in Crop

Harvest Weed Seed Control

This harvest, growers could be getting a head-start on next year’s weed problem by adding...

The best time to manage a drought is before a drought

Farmers urged to act now to get ahead of the cycle while times are good...
Aeration cooling2 By Chris Warrick

Aeration cooling can help save moist grain

With substantial yields expected across much of the Australian grain growing area and wet weather...
Tillage Radish

Summer crop used for feed and dry out a wet soil profile

Many farmers complain when it’s too dry but Mt Mercer sheep and cropping farmer Rob...
Skipton Canola pods drying SFP Acidity (002)

Timing is key when windrowing canola

Windrowing canola is the preferred method for many growers in south-west Victoria compared with direct...

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